Client Update: Chelsea’s Farmhouse Family Room

Sometimes a room comes together and it feels like magic. It’s effortless. You and your client are floating on a cloud of easy decisions and quick delivery windows, and you wish everyday at work was so wonderful.

This was one of those projects.

My client, Chelsea, already had some great pieces when I arrived (like that sectional and rustic wood coffee table) but the room didn’t have an overall style. She was inspired by this house tour and wanted to adapt the eclectic farmhouse feel for her own place. Our result is more muted, but there are still plenty of natural textures and rustic materials to add interest and make the space cohesive.

And like I mentioned above, everything arrived quickly and nothing had to go back. It was an interior design miracle.

The area rug is new, as are all of the throw pillows, the accent chair by the fireplace, the grate, and the artwork. Accessories can do a lot to transform a space, so don’t feel like you need to throw your furniture into a bonfire and start over.

Chelsea’s thrilled, I’m thrilled, and hopefully you’re a fan, too. I’m sad that the smoothest project of all time is over, but I’ll be working with her again in 2016 and hope we can have a repeat. What’s your favorite part of Chelsea’s new family room?

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