Trend Watch: Copper

Ultra shiny chrome will always be the #1 metallic in my heart, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t into the copper accents popping up everywhere lately. It’s warm, and shiny, and I think we should look at some ways to incorporate it into our homes.

coasters  //  clock  //  planters  //  mug  //  garment rack  //  mobile  //  planter

You might be thinking that all of these are kind of small, but a little goes a long way–a hint of rosy sparkle is all you need to add more dimension to a room. Some people want copper for their faucets and sinks and cabinet hardware, but if you ask me, less is more.

I like to think of it this way: metallics always add a bit of interest to a room, but copper is more of a double dip because you get shine AND color. Look at the pendants in this gorgeous kitchen:

Lonny Magazine

If they were a silver metal to match the cabinet pulls that would obviously be fine, but going with copper turns them into a statement. They also add a bit of balance to the room; the contrasting island and stools are exactly what the space needs, but without the interesting pendants above them, your eye would go right to the dark spot and stay there. The copper helps your eyes move around the whole room and notice ALL of the great details.

Basically, copper is magic.

Are you a fan of using copper in your home? I don’t have a ton of it at Chez Ronchetti, but I’ve been recommending it for clients lately and all of them have loved it. What’s your favorite item here? (I need the clock. And coasters. It’s a tie.)

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