Client Update: Bachelor Pad Design Plan

You know what’s been a lot of fun? Designing a bachelor pad–specifically this one with its retro vibe.

I showed this design plan to my husband and he goes, “That’s what I would do if you didn’t live here!” Thanks, babe.

For real, though, it’s a great space for a single guy. It’s masculine and bold, which is what my client wanted, and appropriately put-together for a professional. No dorm room furniture here. The space is a combined living-dining area and since my client likes to entertain friends, we added as much function as we could in a square room. If you’re ever unsure about a room’s layout, get some graph paper and cut out little rectangles in the dimensions of your furniture. Draw the walls on another piece of graph paper and move the rectangles around until you figure out what placement is best. Some people like to sketch, but save yourself the hassle of erasing and use little bits of paper instead. It’s so much faster.

My client is still ordering things so it will be a few weeks before I have any photos to share, but get excited. This one is going to be amazing.

What do you think of this for a bachelor pad and/or man cave?

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