Trend Watch: Rustic Accents

I have rustic accents on the brain thanks to this project, but I’ve been seeing them a lot anyway because of a little show called Fixer Upper. And then the fans of Fixer Upper who get onto Pinterest and share oodles of inspiration with the rest of us. It’s kind of amazing how quickly the rustic/farmhouse trend has picked up steam–Chip and JoAnna are just too cute, but they might also be wizards because this shift has been FAST.

I did some shopping for you on Etsy and found all of these great farmhouse pieces in a matter of minutes:

basket (similar)  //  tray  //  chair  //  napkins  //  shelves  //  mirror  //  table runner

basket (similar)  //  tray  //  chair  //  napkins  //  shelves  //  mirror  //  table runner

All of this stuff makes me drift off into a daydream about living in an old house with a chicken coop in the backyard. I could use that basket to gather the eggs. (Or is a wire basket bad for that? I’ve never been around chickens.) Rustic accents add a ton of natural character to a space, and unlike the copper pieces we talked about last time, things like reclaimed wood or antique furniture can be used with a heavier hand. In fact, everything above could be used in one room without feeling like overkill, especially if you’re lucky enough to actually live in a farmhouse.

This room is a great example:

Magnolia Market - the Fixer Upper gang!

Magnolia Market – the Fixer Upper gang!

Reclaimed wood is sprinkled all over the room, the chair frames are exposed, there’s a real ladder holding the blankets, the fireplace is faintly whitewashed–and all of those elements work together for a cohesive space. One thing that keeps the balance is the wall color. It’s a subtle gray that fades into the background and lets the rustic pieces stand out. Imagine if the walls were a bright color or had wallpaper on them; it would be too much. Best to let the older pieces be the stars.

Are you into the rustic/farmhouse trend? A fan of Fixer Upper? I actually don’t see the show much because we got rid of cable, but I’ve spent some time eyeing the Magnolia Market portfolio and they do good work. What’s your favorite piece here?

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