Pumpkin Spice Home Decor

Do you feel that? The air is changing. It’s cooler at night and we can sleep with the windows open. I saw a dead leaf on the ground the other day. Fall is coming!

You may have also noticed an avalanche of pumpkin spice if you’ve been in public at any point in the last two weeks. I’m one of those dorks who gets excited for the infamous lattes and takes pictures of my feet in boots every year, so I don’t mind the trend at all. In fact, I think pumpkin spice needs to go BEYOND food and into our collective houses:

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten

I will say: maybe don’t do all of this in the same room. That would be, as Tim Gunn cautions us, a lot of look. But a handful of these sprinkled around the house to make it feel like fall? Yes, ma’am!

Everything here is splendid, but if we’re picking favorites I like the chair (which would obviously look outstanding year-round), the yellow blanket, and the coasters. And my eyes keep going to the side table, so I’d better include that one too. What a lovely vignette for kicking back and sipping that latte, am I right? 

A lot of people default to orange when they decorate for fall, and that will certainly work, but using yellow, gold, and a bit of brown will add more depth and make your space feel even cozier. For bonus points, incorporate different textures and materials. Above there are mixed metallics, two chunky fabrics, and some smooth leather–my favorites–but add whatever floats your boat. Baskets or reclaimed wood would be great here, too.

Are you ready for fall? Have you busted out the seasonal decorations? What’s your favorite piece here?

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