If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know I shared this little nugget last week:

You may ALSO know that I promised many more pictures of this room, so I’m here to deliver. I seriously cannot get a grip with this project: I LOVE IT. So do my clients, which is obviously the whole point of my job, but I am genuinely so thrilled with how this one turned out that it almost feels like I did a room in my own house.

SWOON. It’s so crisp and simple. My clients have very understated taste and aren’t into accessories, so that candelabra on the sideboard is literally the only thing we looked for. It’s unusual to style a room this way for a photo shoot, but this is how it will be in their normal life and I wanted to show you–plus a naked table means more room for food!

(Sidebar: the piece of artwork photographed really small, but it looks fine in person. I’m sure a real photographer would know how to fix it, but I don’t. Maybe a better lens?)

Anyway. I can’t decide whether to call this a breakfast nook, because it’s part of the kitchen, or a dining room, because it’s big. Either way, let’s compare this to how it was before, shall we?

Kids! My clients moved in when the tiny humans were little, and now 3/4 of them are teenagers and don’t really do art projects anymore. It was time to shift the space into something more adult. During our first meeting she said she needed “chic, but not formal,” which I relate to completely. Your house is made to be lived in, right? We also talked about how busy the whole family is, and how they just wanted a soothing, pretty space to enjoy when they had a second–and if nothing else they could stare at a pretty room while they made dinner. 

Can I get an amen for the chandelier?

There are so many interesting details in this space, which I made sure to incorporate because the overall vibe is so simple. The aforementioned eye-catching chandelier, the texture of the rug, the nailhead trim on all of the chairs and bar stools, and long drapes to emphasize the windows. The natural light is amazing, too. You’re basically eating outside.

I also enjoy how the chair legs match the cabinets. A little wink from one side of the room to the other. It breaks up all of the espresso finish on the other pieces; I think dark legs would’ve been Too Much.

As I said before: one decorative accessory. But it’s a good one. (Well, I guess there are two if we want to count the artwork, but in my designer brain those are separate categories. Haha. Potato, po-tah-to.)

If you want to get a similar look for yourself, and I think you should, here’s everything we got: the walls are Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore, the table, benches, buffet, and candelabra are Crate&Barrel, drapes and rug are Pottery Barn, chairs and chandelier are Wayfair, and the artwork is

One last look:

Yessssss. Perfectly adult, but not so formal that you can’t relax. And now that you’ve seen the source list, you know that we pulled everything together using items from major retailers. Sometimes people worry that updating a room will mean tons of expensive, obscure items that I pull out my designer lair, but nope! Major retailers are popular for a reason: they know what’s up, and they make products people want to buy. So we do.

What does your dining area look like? Have you ever switched a space from kids to adults? What’s your favorite thing here?

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