Progress Report: Our family Room

Welcome to our family room, the one space I’ve partially decorated so far!

You may be wondering about our kitchen, and I’ll have a real update about that soon, but I can tell you there have been some DELAYS. So in the meantime I took it upon myself to pretty up the family room because we spend a lot of time out here. In fact, I’m typing this on the couch instead of using my office. What a rebel.

The family room is our Netflix watching zone, our breakfast hub, an occasional workspace, and where I doze off during every Cubs game despite the excitement of them making it to the World Series. (Baseball = nap time.)  It’s open to the dining room and next to the kitchen, which will make for lovely entertaining when it’s a little more ready. Here’s a shot from move-in day to get you acquainted:

The family room is on the right, and the dining room has the chandelier. The kitchen is peeking out, mocking me.

Anyhoodle, some of the furniture you’ll recognize from our old house, like the sofa and coffee table, but a totally new layout meant some new pieces had to jump into the mix ASAP.

Because our old family room was in the lowest part of our split-level and was cursed with a support pole in the middle, we never had room for a side table. So that was the first thing I bought. It’s big and substantial, and balances out the dresser we’re using as a media console. Thanks to the built-in shelving in the old house, we had an automatic TV spot and OODLES of additional storage. (I miss it so much.) The dresser has been a solid replacement; it holds our projector, assorted chargers and wires, all of our books, and a junk drawer.

The other new additions are across from the sofa: the chairs we inherited from Nathan’s grandparents and another new side table. The chairs work better with the color palette than I thought they would, but I don’t want to leave them this way forever. Eventually they’ll be reupholstered in blue, but for now the blanket and pillow are helping them blend.

That back wall is left intentionally blank because the projector image lands there. It’s huge and awesome.

Up next: adding artwork and accessories to the dresser. We HAVE them, I just need to put them out. We also got a gallon of paint and might knock that out, but I really don’t want to move the furniture away from the walls now that I have things how I want them. Haha.

What have you been working on lately? Who else uses a dresser as media storage? Have you inherited any furniture?

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  1. Love the couch! One day we’ll live somewhere with enough space for a full sized couch. We don’t currently have any inherited furniture, but I used to sleep in a bed that three or four generations of my family have used (and it’s currently my mom’s guest bed!)

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