Quick + Easy Fall Decor

I’m going to tell you a secret: styling the room at the end of a decorating project is my favorite part. Whether it’s something in my own house or a space for a client, the finishing touches get me all hot and bothered. Like, the ENTIRE time I’m working on a room, I’m pinning a bunch of accessories to consider at the end. It’s madness. But my weird fixation also means that I have fall decorating ideas to share with you, plus some overall styling tips you can use anytime.

I grabbed a few pretties at HomeGoods when I was there for a client (this isn’t sponsored, by the way) and put them with pieces I already owned. Behold!

I set up these ideas as standalone vignettes (as opposed to putting them into a room) because they can be used on any flat surface you want to decorate: a mantle, your sideboard, the open shelving in your kitchen–whatever floats your boat.

Let’s start with the simplest one. It’s not like any of them are hard, but this one is the decorating equivalent of ordering a pizza on your way home:

The easiest formula for creating a vignette is something vertical, something horizontal, and something organic/sculptural–and that’s exactly what we’ve done here. The big S is vertical, the wood box acts as our horizontal base, and the wee gourds are the sculptural element. This is the kind of seasonal decorating I really dig, and I can see this looking especially good on a bookshelf or an entry table.

Option #2 is also pretty straightforward:

There’s that wood box again providing the horizontal balance. The plant AND candle add height, and the gourds are here with their unique shapes. (This plant is pretty interesting, too, so I’ll give it a point in the sculptural category in addition to being vertical.) I have a similar arrangement on my coffee table right now.

Up next, the vignette from the title shot:

This one is a bit Halloween-y thanks to the books, but I’m always sad to see the holiday pass and don’t mind the creep factor sticking around for a while. We’re getting into more advanced styling here because this arrangement can be done with or without the plant. (Gasp!) The books and box are obviously horizontal, the gourds are the interesting shapes, and the plant is vertical–but the green pumpkin has that freaky stem that’s tall enough to draw your eye up! So if you’re not a plant person, you can skip it this time and it still works.

Finally, go big or go home:

This final look is intended for something wide, like a sideboard or a mantle. When you’re filling a larger area, you’ll need to have enough items to make the whole vignette look substantial. Since the arrangement itself is long (and therefore horizontal) I focused on adding height and sculptural elements. Since we have more items in play here, I also made sure to balance the colors. Note the green pieces bookending the whole shebang; spreading the color out helps your eye travel from one end to the other.

Are you rocking fall decor at your house? (We’re having a gourd party, obviously.) Who else likes little vignettes? Where do you shop for seasonal decor?

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