Tiny House Tour: From Russia, with Love

When my husband and I moved this summer, we downsized slightly from 1630 square feet to 1250. We agree that this is as small as we can go for full-time living, but I’m so fascinated by people who manage to go itty bitty. Generally speaking, the design in small houses is GREAT. When you have a limited amount of space, say, 269 square feet like the apartment I’m about to show you, every inch counts.

Let’s start in the main living area:

Multipurpose seating for the win! First of all, it’s hard not to love a sofa paired with a dining room table, because this means you can lounge around and eat at the same time. (#goals) It’s also smart functionally because you can put your laptop on the table for an instant office, or grab a couple of folding chairs to seat dinner guests. Four people can sit together comfortably, which isn’t something all tiny houses can say.

On the other side of the shelf divider is the bedroom:

I like the little bookshelves sprinkled around the room. They’re all handy, but this one creates more of a visual separation between the living area and the snoozing area. Bonus: the padded back of the daybed makes this another good place to sit if you want to host more than a couple of people.

The use of color in here is brilliant. A lot of pale neutrals and grays in the main room help bounce all of that natural light around, and then the peek of bold wallpaper in the kitchen to draws your eye in and makes the whole place feel bigger. It’s just SMART.

My only quibble is the giant wall of storage. I want something on the doors, even just hardware, to break up all of the white:

A+ in terms of quantity, though. That’s really the key to making a small space work; you don’t need a zillion square feet as long as you have somewhere to put your stuff and keep it organized.

Popping back to the main living area, here’s the TV:

I’ll be honest, I’m really glad to see a TV in a house like this. I know that some people don’t really watch, but most of us do and having one in here makes the whole space more relatable to me. Sometimes when I go through tiny house tours I note the lack of a TV and think, “Okay, but HOW DO YOU NETFLIX?” I also wonder how people manage a tiny wardrobe, but that’s another tangent for another day.

Anyhoodle, let’s go through the pocket doors into the kitchen:

The flat-front cabinets bother me less here because they’re spread out. I think they balance the (awesome!) wallpaper and tiled floor nicely.

Speaking of tile:

A real entryway! Not what I expected for an apartment this size, but I dig it. This area is another stellar example of function: it’s nice that you don’t barge right into the living room, your people have a spot to take off their shoes, there’s a surprising amount of storage, and the big mirror does double duty as a hair-checker and light-bouncer (which makes the room seem bigger). They also repeated the same shade of gray from the main living area, so it all flows. 

Everything about this makes me happy. And I think we have that same map, so maybe I’ve found my design soulmate.

Great use of space, no? Do you like the soothing color palette? How small do you think you could go for everyday living?

(All images via this post.)

5 thoughts on “Tiny House Tour: From Russia, with Love”

  1. This place is so beautifully put together! I really admire tiny house living too but don’t see it for the hubby and I. It is truly awesome when couples can manage in a small space. A TV is a must for Netflix!

  2. I am always amazed at how functional these tiny houses are and how they really can cram so much into a tiny space. And I’m over here wishing I had a bigger studio, because 800 sq. ft. apparently isn’t enough…lol!

  3. We don’t really have a TV. I mean, technically we do, but it’s in a closet and we haven’t pulled it out since we moved it! We don’t have Netflix either, so I guess that helps. =p We do watch things very occasionally on Amazon Prime, but we just use the computer. On a different note, I totally wish we had 1250 square feet! That would be like a 35% increase in size for us.

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