Extra Large Family Room Reveal!

Welcome to the world’s fastest room makeover! My clients were on the ball and got everything done, including professional flooring installation and paint, in two months. Boom! They don’t mess around, and neither does their new entertaining space:

Let that picture sink into your eyeballs for a second, then scroll down to see how the room looked when we started:

This was taken about a week after my clients moved in, and they had already decided to axe the salmon accent color and the shag carpet (good call). This room was going to be their main hangout zone–Super Bowl parties, movie nights, chilling after dinner–so they wanted a ton of seating, preferably in more than one area. That was easy to do because the room is 20″ x 16’6″ and is basically an indoor stadium.

Here’s their design concept. If you want more details about how a concept forms, I got into the nitty gritty of the design process in this post.

These clients opted for the Jump-Start Package, which provides a design concept and shopping list they could implement on their own. It’s a budget-friendly option for someone who wants the help of a pro, but doesn’t want the time commitment or expense of doing full-service interior design.

I want to reiterate part of that paragraph: my clients went shopping and set up this entire space BY THEMSELVES. I provided the information, told them to text me if they had any questions, and sent them off into the world. And they rocked it.

I’m so proud. 🙂

Let me tell you about this chair. It’s a secondary seating area, nestled in the corner, but it serves a bigger function than being a great spot to curl up with a book.


The only time I’ve ever been nervous about a furniture choice was when these clients told me a recliner was on their list of must-haves. At the very top of of the list, in fact, right after “a huge sofa.” Both of them have bad backs, so I completely understand the function, but if you ask me traditional recliners are a blight upon the earth. If I could press a button and zap something away, it would be puffy recliners. Peace out. There ARE some pretty versions out there, like this one, but they tend to be expensive and would’ve put these clients over budget. I ended up finding the one above at ArtVan–a brand new store for me. It was only $650 and came in multiple fabrics, so if you are also in the market for a comfy chair and can’t bring yourself to go with the poof, now you have a solution!

The paint colors are Sculptor Clay and Spring Walk, both by Behr Marquee. We tested a swatch of Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore in here, too, and that color is very similar.

I wish I could take credit for the rug, but my clients found it at HomeGoods without me. Womp, womp.

If you have a big sectional, don’t be afraid to get a lot of pillows. This one has a deep “elbow” so I made a group to fill up some of the space and provide extra back support for anyone who sits there. Three of these came with the sectional, which can be hit-or-miss but in this case delightful, and the blue one was from Target several years ago.

Additional sources! Sectional, recliner, coffee table, end tables, green chairs, flooringblue pillows, similar bookcase, similar drapes, similar map.

Don’t you just want to hang out in here? It’s a fun party space that’s totally appropriate for two people in their 30s. They wanted it to be adult without being dull and I think we nailed it. I’ll bring the salsa.

What’s the entertaining zone like your house? Who else LOVES blue and green together? How quickly have you gone from start to finish on a decorating project?

3 thoughts on “Extra Large Family Room Reveal!”

  1. I hear that with an area rug you aren’t supposed to put part of the furniture on it. Either it’s all the legs of a couch or chair or table or none. It looks unbalanced if you only put half under the rug. Is that no longer true?

  2. Great work with the quick makeover! No matter what they say, I love blue and green together. I love the dark floorboards as well and the cozy looking fireplace. My living room is quite open and has a lot of light coming in through the back which is floor to ceiling windows. My furnishings are quite simple and I like them that way with the wooden floorboards and pops of colour 🙂 not necessarily colours I would’ve chosen as my Mum gave me her old lounge set but we’ve made it feel like home.

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