Holiday Gift Guide 2016

I normally do a slew of these holiday gift guides every year–one for kids, one for foodies, one for the ladies (which is just me shopping for myself)–but 2016 calls for a more simplistic approach. My husband and I are scaling way back on the number of people we’re shopping for, so I haven’t been surfing the net with my usual fervor. Sidebar–it’s been kind of great having less shopping to do. Last year we had to buy for 17 people (!!!) and this year it’s been whittled down to six; I have so much extra time that I almost don’t know what to do with myself. Almost.

Anyway, since I’m only making one guide this year, I decided to gather my Etsy favorites and do a little something for everybody:

cookies  //  coffee mug  //  apron  //  wallets  //  coasters  //  necklaces  //  dice  //  artwork

Can we take a second to admire those cookies? If you’ve been looking for a prime example of something that’s too pretty to eat, here you go. The designs are based on Mexican embroidery, generally found on clothes, I believe, but that pattern would also be pretty on napkins or a mug. Speaking of–COFFEE. I hope this calligraphy text sticks around for a long time; it’s so lovely. There are a couple of other foodie gifts here, like the #dadlife apron and a dice game, which can help you cobble together a recipe when you don’t feel like using your brain.

Agate is a trend I like more than most because it adds both color and texture to a room. It’s also practical if you get it in coaster form, so there’s your design trifecta. High-five! This abstract art may or may not be something I’m eyeballing for my own house, but it’s also here today because blue is a pretty safe color choice if you want to give somebody decor. Isn’t it soothing?

The gold wallets can double as business card holders and are made of vinyl instead of leather. Finally, the letter necklaces are sweet for just about everybody: daughters, sisters, friends, or your interior designer. Ha.

What’s your holiday shopping status? Anybody else getting a lot of stuff on Etsy? Who else has/had a list of people that rivals Santa? Have you ever cut back?

7 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide 2016”

  1. I love the calligraphy script, too, but the coasters are definitely my favorite pick. They’re so beautiful and unique.

    We only buy for immediate family, which is 8 people. It isn’t too overwhelming, but it’s the one time of year we all exchange a lot of gifts, so I still do a fair amount of shopping. I’m glad I’m not buying for a huge list of people, though!

  2. Those cookies are absolutely beautiful! I haven’t even thought about gifts for anyone yet. Yikes! We’ll probably only get things for 6 or 7 people, and I’m not planning to do cards this year.

  3. The cookies!! I buy lots of handmade. This year there was a handmade market near me, so I did most of my shopping there. I also make stuff 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing some wonderful Gift ideas. I can’t believe those cookies – too nice to eat. I am always one who waits until the last week to hit the Stores; but yes, my daughter and I are avid Etsy Shoppers. She has found some really unique gifts on Etsy! My motto "SHOP HANDMADE"!!

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