Basic Organization + Favorite Storage Pieces

Ah, January! A new year and a chance to start fresh. After the chaos of the holidays, I think a lot of us are casting dubious glances around our homes, wondering where all of this extra stuff came from (“We didn’t even host anything–how is this possible?!”). Even if organizing and/or decluttering aren’t official resolutions of mine, I always do a little of both right about now.

Since we’re in a new house, some of our old storage items need to hit the road. Here’s what I’ve been eyeballing for replacements:

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  //  seven

I’m especially interested in numbers 1 and 5, though I wouldn’t kick any of these out of bed. I recently got number 7 for a client and they’re AMAZING in person. The chunky weave added a lot of interest to the shelving unit we put them on.

Of course, what good are pretty storage containers if you’re not sure where to start? Here are the basic tips I share with clients who want to do a little reorganizing after we’re done decorating:

1. Don’t organize excess clutter. If you’ve been meaning to purge a closet or two, do that before you go to the trouble of reorganizing it. It’s silly to find a new spot for something you don’t plan to keep, right? So toss the rejects. Only the keepers get organized at your house.

2. Make sure everything has a home. When you’re at the end of your organizing extravaganza, you might feel the urge to throw a bunch of stuff into a junk drawer because, “Whatever, it’s close enough!” Resist this siren song. You won’t remember what’s in there and the clutter cycle will continue. Take a few extra minutes to make sure everything has an official spot before you call it a day.

3. Store similar items together. You probably lounge around reading Harry Potter in more than one room, but if you keep all of the books in one place, you’ll always know where they are when you need to remember what a boss Hermione Granger is. Try to keep things close to where they’re used most frequently, but if that’s tricky, at least group them together.

Who else starts the year with a frenzy of organizing? Are you updating any storage items? Which of these is your favorite?

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