Game Room Reveal!

Riddle me this, dear readers: what do you do when you don’t need a formal living room, but your house has one anyway?


Walls: Templeton Gray, Benjamin Moore//  Drapes: Pottery Barn  //  Lamp: Houzz

My client, Chelsea, and her family moved into this house a couple of years ago and this room was the weird, empty space they didn’t know how to use. There’s already a playroom for the kiddos (which you can see behind the gate below), the basement is their office, and the breakfast nook has a huge table so they didn’t need formal dining space–it was a true bonus room, but right off the entryway so they couldn’t leave it bare forever. They wanted to actually USE the room, not just throw a couple of couches in there and call it a day. They were stuck.

I also helped Chelsea and her husband with their awesomely cozy family room and as we worked on that, the idea of a game room/man cave popped into their heads. (Specifically, one of their heads. Ha.) Chelsea was a little wary at first, since this room is at the front of the house and she didn’t want neon beer signs all over the place, but they came up with a good compromise: her husband could get whatever game tables and TV he wanted, but the style of the room had to flow with the rest of the house.

Barn Door: Handmade  //  Built-ins: Knoxville Gray, Benjamin Moore//  Rug: Wayfair

They prefer a slightly rustic farmhouse feel, which, to me, is a great backbone for a game room anyway. It’s kind of rugged and casual, but still lends itself to plenty of decorating. Everybody wins!

I used the built-in shelf on this side of the room as a giant bar setup–the placement of which was 100% intentional because I wanted people to mill around the barn door and admire its beauty. It was handmade and whitewashed with Kendall Charcoal from Benjamin Moore. Oh! Speaking of paint colors, the blue walls were a happy accident. Only the backs of the built-ins were supposed to be blue, but somehow a wire got crossed and the painter did the whole room. The walls were originally going to be gray, but I like this even more.

In the market for a small leather chair? We got the Irving from Pottery Barn–also available as a recliner!–and it’s the perfect comfy seating for limited space. This room was originally going to have a billiard table in the middle (and those need clearance so you don’t get a pool cue to the eye), so petite chairs were necessary. Even though they switched to shuffleboard and foosball, the wee chairs are still handy because shuffleboard tables are LONG.

Also great in this picture: the area rug. It’s out of stock right now, but if it comes back I’ll share the link. A 9’x12′ was under $400.

The room has only been done for about a month, but they’ve been hanging out in here a lot after the kids are in bed. Regular use was the whole point of finishing the space, but they also hosted a New Year’s Eve party in here and it was a huge hit! I think there might be a new party house on the block. 🙂

One more look. SWOON:

Art: Minted  //  Foosball Table: Pottery Barn  //  Shuffleboard: Antique

Here’s a quick roundup of similar products. Chelsea and her husband purchased everything over the course of several months, so some items aren’t available anymore, but you can still get the overall vibe:

one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five

Does your house have a formal living room? How do you use the space? Anybody else have a game room?

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