Greenery – Pantone Color of 2017

Pantone has gone and thrown us another curveball! Quite a departure from last year, no?

Greenery is bright and happy, harkening thoughts of springtime and renewal. It’s bold, but that makes it a FANTASTIC accent color. Sprinkle it around your house and get ready to feel so fresh and so clean-clean. Maybe it’s the wintry gloom talking, but I’m ready to infuse some life into my space.

Before I get carried away on a wave of excitement, none of the pictures I have for you today showcase Greenery as a wall color–because I think it would be a bad one. All bright colors are reflected back into the space when light hits them, and a yellow-y/green tinge all over everything is probably not what you’re after. Something else to consider: if it casts a pall onto your furniture, it will also cast one onto your face. I prefer not to look mildly queasy all the time, so I’d pass on this as a paint color. A little goes a long way.

Back to accents! Greenery is inherently eye-catching, so my advice is to lean into that quality and use it to make a statement. This mostly white bedroom would be lovely with any color, but Greenery makes you go, “HEY! This room is awesome and now I’ll remember it forever.”

It also works in more streamlined, masculine spaces:

Adding plenty of neutral textures gives your eyeballs something else to rest on so the headboard doesn’t take over. However, said neutrals don’t COMPETE with the green; various components need to meet head-to-head like a well-matched basketball game, for the sake of balance, and these do.

For the bold decorators among us, Greenery can be fun on a larger piece. Like a sofa! (But not your walls.)

BAM! Greenery and pink. The key to making this space work is the white walls and navy anchor pieces. When working with multiple bright colors, you have to consciously choose items to act as the background dancers of your metaphorical music video. Not everyone can be Beyonce.

If you’re not into the idea of bright green all over our house (admittedly, I don’t want a TON of it), Greenery is appropriately named because it’s the color of… wait for it… greenery!

Get your plant on, y’all. Even a fake one will do.

Personally, I love it with blue. We have a smidge of something similar in our family room, and these wee sconces and bedding trim are making me consider more:

Are you into Greenery? Do you already use it at home? Or in your wardrobe? This is a color I do not wear AT ALL, but it’s so cute in the right living space. What’s your favorite way to decorate with a bright color?

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