Trend Watch: Dark Walls

Darkness seems to be quite the trend now, doesn’t it? And not only on the walls I’m about to show you. I want to pause my usual design chatter to take a brief foray into politics. Don’t worry, this will be the only time I bring it up on here, and it’s mainly to tell you why I don’t take much of a political stance on my professional pages. If you’ve ever met me personally (or are my Facebook friend, ha) you know I’m upset about how things are going under this new administration. But! In these especially stressful times, everybody needs a break. Politics don’t have to be discussed every second of the day. For my own sanity, I need to zone out and look at pretty pictures without the risk of a surprise meme attack. I want The Room Kit to be that break for you, too, if you’re interested in one.

So, with that being said, let’s proceed to the pretty picture segment of today’s presentation:

Yep, that’s a black accent wall. A totally bold choice, but there are plenty of lighter colors and textures in here to balance it out. Choosing that particular wall was a good move, too: it draws your eye up to the high ceiling and cool wood beams.

We just talked about the new Pantone Color of 2017, which is a light springtime-y green, but I think we’re also going to see a lot of forest green this year:

How epic is that moulding in a dark color? And the brass mirror on top! Eeeee!

Grey isn’t going anywhere, either:


Generally speaking, I prefer a super dark color on a focal point as opposed to every vertical surface, but the matching cabinets and wall color are working for me here! The big window and marble countertops do a lot to break up the solid color.

A bold wall becomes less intense if the room gets a lot of natural light, so keep that in mind:

I personally love the juxtaposition of crazy sunshine and dark paint, but if you want to go for DRAMA, start with a room that’s dim on its own.

More green!

And another brass mirror! Is the universe trying to tell me something?

One place you can always go dark is a powder room:

Because they’re small and tend to be separated from the main areas of a house, they’re a good spot to spread your decorating wings. They also tend to be windowless, so they naturally make sense with darker colors.

But, to circle back to our first picture, if you’re just not sure about going big with a dark room, accent walls are popping up all over the place:

This is the sort of bold color statement I can get behind. I love a light and bright house, but a little contrast never hurt anybody. In this case, the grey is a clever way to emphasize the architecture of the space; it draws your eye up the stairs and makes the bannister stand out.

Do you have any dark walls at home? Are you thinking about adding some? What are your favorite dark paint colors? Mine are below but I’m always looking for more. 🙂

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