Tiny House Tour: Chesterfield Cottage

MY STARS! Look at the little bitty friend I’ve made. 😀

It’s time for another installment of Tiny House Tour, in which we marvel at the design skills and organizational prowess of people who live in small homes. Today we’re looking at a cottage that was completely redone from top to bottom, inside and out. I am losing my marbles over this navy blue exterior. The touches of light wood add so much interest.

After you walk in that cute front door, you’re in the combined living/dining space:

There’s a lot of “leggy” furniture in here that doesn’t take up much visual space. The only piece with any heft is the leather sofa. I also like the use of furniture that can be easily moved around. Those coffee tables can become side tables during a party, and the dining chairs can swing around to join the fun.

A very minor quibble: I wish the faux fireplace was deeper so it felt more like an original feature. But, like I said, that’s minor, and there are so many other awesome things to look at. The light gray trim and doors are LOVELY, and I wish the arches in my house were rounded like these. I also dig the lighter stain on the floors.

Upstairs is a lofted master bedroom. Up here and in the kitchen (which is next!) you can really see how they worked WITH the architectural quirks of the house instead of trying to hide them. They kept the footprint the same–there’s a closet on the other side of the stairs–but exposed those BEAMS. Excellent move.

Doesn’t this feel like a little sanctuary? Figuratively and literally, because the longer I look at that high ceiling the more I think of a church. Unintentional wordplay!

Let’s go back downstairs:

I might be one of the few people on the internet who isn’t all googly-eyed over the open-shelving-in-the-kitchen trend (I just prefer cabinets with doors) BUT this is the perfect spot to go for shelving. That brick chimney is pretty shallow on one side and would’ve made more cabinets awkward to install. Snaps to them for not wasting the precious wall space.

It’s awesome that they managed to get a little breakfast bar in here. And I’m not sure if that tiny closet is original or not, but I appreciate the mini mudroom space next to the back door. This room just oozes function.

It’s so cute! And as usual, it makes me want to stay in our little house forever. What’s your favorite feature from today? Are you sold on itty bitty houses? How great was that bedroom ceiling?

All images via Beginning in the Middle

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