Kitchen Renovation: IT BEGINS!

No more planning! No more finding out that wall I wanted to take down is load-bearing! IT’S TIME!

kitchen into dining before.jpg

Prompted by Memorial Day sales starting early, we ordered the cabinets AND appliances this weekend. Which made for an expensive couple of days, but oh well. Everything has to be purchased eventually, right? I’m also gathering quotes for some of the labor we’re not doing ourselves (know your limits, y’all) and our projected start date is June 12th. Aaaaaaah!

The cabinets we landed on are these bad boys from Menards. They sell several species of wood in this line, but we went with good ol’ oak because I have a lifetime of experience painting it thanks to our first house. Also! Oak is part of our local store’s regular inventory, so we don’t have to wait for shipping. Insert the high-five emoji here.

The other reason we went for unfinished wood? I’m branching out of my color box:

All inspiration images via deVOL Kitchens.

One thousand years ago, when I initially wrote about this project, I had earmarked Balboa Mist from Benjamin Moore for the walls, paired with my favorite crisp white cabinets. And that would’ve been LOVELY, if very similar to what we did in our old house. The more I looked at the pile of samples that litters my desk at all times, I was like, “Self, what if you did Balboa Mist for the cabinets instead?”

Since nobody MAKES Balboa Mist cabinets, yours truly gets to bust out the paintbrush again. Except this time I’ll be supplementing with a paint sprayer and getting that part done before they’re installed. It should be a much quicker project, maybe even a single weekend? I’ll be sharing a lot on Instagram and in my stories, so follow me over there if you don’t already.

What else? Countertops haven’t been ordered yet (because the cabinets have to go in first) but they’ve been selected and we’re going with a solid surface. We also picked a new patio door and I keep finding accessories and artwork, so we’re pretty much sprinting toward the finish line now that we’ve started. I AM SO READY. Hand me a little cup of water as I run by, because I’m not stopping.

What project is making you deliriously excited? When have you had to wait WAY longer than expected to start something? Who else is branching out with a new color?

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