Dark + Dramatic Kitchen Overhaul

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve had a properly photographed client project to show you, but I’m returning full force with one so awesome that words escape me. I’m just sitting here drooling:

kitchen after crop.jpg

Yessssss! Okay–I managed a single word. Ha. To fully understand why I can’t be more articulate right now, let’s eyeball our starting point:

kitchen before.JPG


I know. It’s a bonkers transformation. Even more so when you learn that those are the same cabinets. (Don’t they look new?!) My clients also kept the same appliances, left the floor alone, and didn’t change the layout. That did leave plenty of things for us to tweak, but the golden trifecta in here were the countertops, backsplash, and cabinet color–which is stain, not paint!

kitchen after stove crop2.jpg

The catalyst for this makeover was their dining area we tackled last year. (MY FAVE. You can see it below.) We did a lot of dark wood and textured neutrals over there, and the prep area was lookin’ a little sad by comparison. They plan to stay in this house for another decade or so, and felt like a mid-range kitchen facelift was worth it for how much they would enjoy the space.

kitchen after full room.jpg

These clients approach decorating the same way I do: save where you can, but splurge on a few quality items. The countertops are quartz (splurge!), but they went for an affordable backsplash and installed it themselves (yay!). The cabinet refinishing can be interpreted either way, but I think it was a total score. They decided to hire out the labor instead of taking on such an enormous DIY project when both of them work full-time. To them, it was worth a few grand for the convenience and expertise of hiring a pro–and still WAY more affordable than new cabinets would’ve been.

The total bill for this side of the room was close to $15,000. So, not pocket change, but easily 1/2 the price of going full HGTV and starting over with new everything.

kitchen after backsplash.jpg

Isn’t that a great backsplash? The silver tiles are metal and they kind of sparkle when you’re across the room.

kitchen after.jpg

Heck, the whole ROOM almost sparkles thanks to the spectacular contrast we have going on. And in an unexpected but welcome twist, the space feels even bigger now. It was generous to begin with, but something about those white countertops makes it feel massive.

Basically, I want to move in.

Don’t you love it? Aaah! What projects have you been working on lately? Our kitchen is (still) sitting at 90% complete; we just need to finish up the trim and touch up paint, which are our least favorite parts. SIGH. Our goal is Christmas.

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