Some Colors of the Year 2018 + Inspiration

Similar to how Christmas decorations creep into stores earlier and earlier every late-ish summer, it seems like paint companies have started announcing their Color of the Year with a lot of time to spare. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams have already released their respective dragons, so let’s see what they’re pushing for 2018.

First, say hello to Oceanside SW 6496:


Sherwin-Williams says this color can help you “set a stage and create drama” which is pretty spot-on. It’s BOLD, and I’m really feeling it on that front door (and bonus Roman shade). And I’m apparently twinning with somebody at the SW art department, because this office looks a lot like mine:


Obviously painting a whole room dark teal isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but I do really like this color. It’s a nice blend of blue and green that will go with a lot of decor styles, and it’s dramatic without being gloomy. 

On the other side of the coin, we have Caliente AF-290. (Haha, Caliente AF!!)


Nice on a front door surrounded by a lot of neutrals, no? Remember that soothing image as you scroll down and see another promotional shot from Benjamin Moore:


To quote my homeboy Tim Gunn, this is a lot of look. Red is my least favorite color to use in decor, unless it’s Christmas, and this is just… jarring. To me, anyway. I’m trying to imagine actually being in a room with RED WALLS and I’m so uncomfortable.

But! That front door is outstanding. Caliente is a pure red that packs a punch, and I can see it working nicely with a lot of color palettes.

How do you feel about Oceanside and Caliente? Are you digging one more than the other? How would you use them in your house?

Top two images via Sherwin-Williams. Bottom two images via Benjamin Moore.

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