Contemporary Christmas Decor

I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy hormones or what, but I was PUMPED when I saw Christmas decor trickling into stores right after Labor Day. Normally I feel bad for Halloween and Thanksgiving–and I know plenty of other people who do, too–but this year I was all about early Christmas cheer. So, I waited as long as I could to bust out the holiday razzle-dazzle, but I didn’t even make it to Turkey Day. (I put our tree up yesterday.)

If you’re in the mood to embrace Christmas in November, let’s peruse Etsy:


wrapping paper / gift bag / ornaments / house / wreath / stocking / candle

How stinkin’ cute is that ornament set? Next year, when my human passenger is on the outside and has a name, we should spring for one. The personalized stockings are also fun, and I want to note that the seller offers multiple fabrics and colors–doesn’t have to be plaid. The simplicity of the wreath might be my favorite, though; traditional evergreen wreaths can be kind of bulky but this is perfectly streamlined, and the flowers are prettier than “just” branches.

Are you decorating early, too? What’s your favorite item here?

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