Christmas at Casa Ronchetti

Ask and ye shall receive! I got some requests to share a living room update, since we’ve done quite a bit of furniture buying/transforming in the last couple of months, and things are looking much more together in here. I’ve been meaning to share our Christmas decor, too, so let’s kill two birds with one stone.

christmas 2017-4.jpg

I still can’t get over THE CHAIRS. Conveniently, they work with my annual Christmas color palette of red and turquoise, so I guess I timed this project pretty well. 😉 I’m going to do a more in-depth post about the reupholstering process, including the cost, so look for that in the next few weeks.

As far as seasonal decor goes, the main things I did were switch out our normal pillows for red velvet ones and put up the tree. Nathan contributed the nativity scene his grandpa made for him 25 years ago (it’s a few pictures down). Holiday accessories are sprinkled around on all of the flat surfaces, but they’re relatively subtle. This and the dining room are the only spaces I decorate in this wee house of ours, and that’s really all it needs.

christmas 2017-2.jpg

Just for fun, here’s a picture I took from this same spot a year ago, right after we inherited the chairs:

family room before.jpg

The new round coffee table fits the space a lot better, even if it does look a little unintentionally patriotic with the red, haha. There used to be a gulf between the chairs and the table, but it’s a normal distance now. It’s a little hard to tell in pictures, because we are nothing if not predictable, but the sofa is different too. The old one was wearing out so we got something to tide us over until our future Tiny Human is past the spit-up stage.

Still to happen in here: a paint color, new trim (MY EYES), and honeycomb shades that are not dusty pink.

But for now, Christmas! Somebody looks quite jaunty in his best outfit:

christmas 2017-3.jpg

Beethoven’s hat is technically for felines, but I’ve never met a cat that would keep that on so I figured he should wear it instead. I found that white ceramic house in the dollar spot at Target, and the schmoopy picture of us was taken by a local photographer. We got the print through Amazon Prime (did you know they did prints?! I did not, until now) and the frame was a HomeGoods find.

christmas 2017-5.jpg

Here’s the handmade manger–I believe it’s walnut? [Edit: Yep. Walnut.] The ornaments are from Target several years ago, and they always get popped into the base of this lamp (which is IKEA, but sadly discontinued).


So there we are, festive and merry! And if you’re not on Instagram and missed my story on Monday, my internal passenger gave us some news at our 20 week ultrasound:

baby girl ronchetti.jpeg

Adding some pink to the tree just felt like the right thing to do. <3

What are your holiday decorations like this year? Any major home updates at your place? Are you ALSO expecting a little girl?

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