Get The Look: Millennial Pink Bedroom

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that back in the good ol’ days of my first blog, I used to do affordable get-the-look mood boards ALL THE TIME. I think I got away from them on here because it’s so common for my clients to show me a picture and say, “I want this!” that I end up getting my bargain hunt fix in real life. Except! Not all of you live near me, and thus, we can’t put our brains together as client and designer until somebody invents teleportation. I’m not holding my breath for Elon Musk to figure that out anytime soon, so it made more sense to bring back the affordable mood boards.



There are oodles of things I like about this room. The picture frame molding, first of all, is epic even if it’s not something you can just swoop out and purchase without a lot of work. (Sidebar: my husband wants picture frame molding in our next house with the same intensity that I want nachos!) As for true decor items, the soft pink bedding is sweet and understated, the dark nightstand and lamp add just enough contrast, and the chandelier is the kind of thing you could buy and still like 100 years later.

I didn’t give myself a set budget for this space–should I do that next time? let me know–but instead kept it to a number I myself would pay for a room full of new pieces. The design also assumes that you already have some bedroom basics, like a mattress and an insert for the duvet cover. And since you wouldn’t buy a nightstand/lamp/art for one side of the bed and not the other, all of those were doubled when I did the budget. Okay! Let’s take a gander:


Bed: Wayfair |  Bed linens: H&M Home |  Area rug: Wayfair |  Nightstand: Wisteria |  Chandelier: AllModern |  Lamp: IKEA |  Lumbar pillow: Wayfair |  Curtains: IKEA |  Picture frame: IKEA

I’m a believer in spending a little extra on something you love (or that needs to last) and saving elsewhere. It’s nonsense that good design HAS to be expensive, because there are plenty of stylish products in the world that won’t make you cry when you get your credit card statement. Those curtain panels above? Ten bucks! We had them in our old house and I loved them. The bed, not just the headboard but the WHOLE BED, is $234 for a queen. Boom. Likewise, I chose to pretend-budget a little more than normal for the nightstands ($399 each) because they’re beautiful and will work with a lot of things. You could keep them forever.

So there’s our first mood board! Anything in particular you want to see for the next one? Kitchens are harder to do for this, but otherwise we can rock and roll. 

Bedroom image: House & Home

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  1. I just discovered your blog tonight and think it’s wonderful! I love these affordable mood boards and would love to see one for a small family room 12×15 that has 20-foot asymmetrical ceilings with a wall of asymmetrical windows with a asymmetrical fireplace of course! I live in a beautiful developed community of 100,000 homes in CO with a lot of floorplans like this and my neighbors struggle with this as well. I never see anything on Pinterest, Instagram, or blogs talking about asymmetrical architecture in houses… much less small rooms with 20 foot ceilings! I could provide photos if you would like a challenge 🙂

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