Weekly Bargain Hunt! Vol. 1

Well, it’s snowing and the plows haven’t come by yet. We had temperatures near 50 a couple of weeks ago and I foolishly thought we were over the worst of winter. Mother Nature must have sensed our collective complacency and decided to show us who’s boss.

Since I’m trapped in my house, I did a little online shopping (as you do) and I had a brainwave about a new blog feature. Normally when I shop for work, several times a week, I’m laser focused and tune out anything I don’t need. I find whatever item and immediately move onto the next. No loitering! But there’s something about the leisurely pace of shopping for my own house that lets me think in a more abstract way. I always find deals for clients and myself and DUH, maybe you guys want to see them, too. I’m going to aim for a weekly round-up, because I literally always have something to share, and I thought I’d put it in the title to keep myself accountable. Haha.


Side Table: Wisteria  |  Goat Planter: Wisteria  |  Appetizer Plates: Target  |  Picture Frame: Wisteria  |  Storage Table: Target  | Throw Pillow: Target  

The gold storage table is the item that inspired it all. We have a placeholder table between the blue chairs in the living room (it was free!) and I’ve been meaning to get something more functional. Two adults and one almost-baby in a 1200 square foot house means we need all of the sneaky storage we can get, so when I saw the table was 40% off I pulled the trigger. I had the goat planter in my cart for a while, too, but then I hesitated, and now I think I want him on my desk again. I’m in a glass case of emotion!

Everything here is at least 30% off, and some of the items from Wisteria are around 70%. BOOM.

Happy shopping, friends. And happy snow day if you’re also in the 2,000 miles of blizzard hitting the US today! What are you up to?

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