On Slow Decorating

We’re in the home stretch before my passenger is born (9 weeks left!) and we’ve been using this last bit of Uninterrupted Productive Time to cross some last-minute projects off of our list. Obviously we set up her nursery, but we also decided to work on our room AND do some light decorating in the rest of the house. My thought was that we’re going to be spending a lot of time at home the first few weeks of her life, so why not make it a little prettier in here?

Don't worry, a full reveal is coming.

Don’t worry, a full reveal is coming.

I wanted to make some strides, but one thing I’m not worried about is having it all “done.”

Things are “done” in the sense that they’re functional and not a total eyesore, but I’ve never been the kind of person to swoop into a space and have it completely furnished and accessorized in a month. I guess I don’t see the rush, which is probably kind of weird given my job, but I think I’m this way BECAUSE I help clients decorate for a living. I encounter a lot of people who just want to hurry up and finish the project and be DONE, but it’s usually all of that rushing that got them into a pickle in the first place.

Our whole house is a slow decorating extravaganza, but the most recent example is our room:


This space has been a slow burn since we moved in a year and a half ago. We closed off the weird jack-and-jill door that opened into the hall bath, then we got new nightstands and bedding, and recently we improved the storage situation by 500% with a closet system. Sure, all of the walls are still blank and there are almost zero decorative goodies in there, but whatever. We’ve still come a long way and I’m good with a meandering art-finding process. I don’t want to toss any old thing up there just to cross the finish line.

It’s okay to cut yourself some slack. I understand the siren song of having a space that’s officially done–it’d be one less thing to think about–but that’s not always how life goes. Maybe you’re pregnant, too, and just want to eat nachos on the couch instead of trudging through ANOTHER store. Or maybe your budget doesn’t allow you to do a whole room at once. (We fall into that category a lot, too.) Or maybe you’re having trouble deciding what you want for a space and need to take your time.


That brings me to the real benefit of slow decorating: you’re sure about how you’re going to use a space and can hold out for the right pieces. I’m a believer in shelling out for quality items when it counts, and that kind of decision shouldn’t be rushed. (Remember that it took us 10 months to start the kitchen renovation! Sometimes you’re just not ready.) If you hurry up and finish a project just to have it “done,” I don’t think you’ll be as happy with the result and you’ll probably feel the urge to redo it. And then you’re trapped in an endless loop. Just leave things how they are for a little while and see what speaks to you.

Are you a slow decorator, too? What “undone” item doesn’t really bother you? (Clearly, I am unperturbed by a lack of artwork. Ha.) Have you ever rushed a project and ended up HATING it?

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