Tiny House Tour: Converted Garage

As I write this, we’re getting the rest of our house painted!!! That’s right, we bit the bullet and hired out some work we’d normally DIY. I’m too tired (and too weirdly uncoordinated!) to paint while 8 months pregnant, and my husband doesn’t have time to do everything himself. Fun fact: when I tried to paint the nursery, I did a TERRIBLE job. Normally I’m the better painter around here, but it was like my brain forgot how to talk to my arms. 

I’ll be sure to share some after pictures in the next few days. In the meantime, let’s look at this tiny house! It’s a converted garage in Waco; the homeowners decided to rent out their main house, which was on Fixer Upper, and live in their garage for a few years to save up some money. Isn’t is CUTE?


First of all, their awesome plywood ceiling was an accident. They put the boards up to cover the rafters and planned to add drywall, but the wood looked so cool they left it alone. I agree 1000% with this decision. The medium-to-dark color palette is also a nice change of pace; they have enough natural light to pull it off without the place going full cave. The walls are Fawn Brindle by Sherwin-Williams.

My only quibble in here is the lack of side/coffee tables. It’s possible that the owners just haven’t gotten around to buying them yet–something like this or this would be perfect–but I know I’d be driven to madness without a spot to put my plate down, especially in a house that doesn’t have an official dining zone.

Speaking of food, here’s the kitchen!


YES, triangle clock. And this is so minor, but I love that the crown molding was painted to match the walls. Imagine it in traditional white for a second. This area would feel kind of choppy, no? (HA! Food pun.)

City code prevented the couple from adding a range or a wall oven, but they found a workaround by getting a big toaster oven and an electric burner. Boom! My husband and I are longtime devotees of the toaster oven, so I’m not really bothered by the lack of full-size appliances. I think it can work for some people.

Here’s a wider view to help us understand the layout:


That’s a big fridge! To me, that would also make up for the no-stove situation. It’s a peeve of mine when a tiny house has a dorm-sized fridge, because we go through a LOT of fresh produce, so this brings me great joy.

The couple included an impressive amount of storage. There’s a giant armoire, a 10-foot closet, and a shelving unit in the office:



I have that same Vittsjo shelf from IKEA and it holds a ton. They definitely have room to spare as they acquire more stuff. And they may not! A lot of people are mostly paperless these days.

Let’s peep the bathroom:


The walls are Knoxville Gray by Benjamin Moore and the vanity is IKEA. (The light might be IKEA, too? The original article didn’t say, but it looks exactly like one they sell.) This also gives us a good look at the concrete floors they have throughout the house. Given the hellfire that is summer in Texas, that was a good move.


One last look at the front room. Can you believe this place is only 400 square feet? I had an apartment that was 500 square feet once, and this feels bigger. What do you think about temporarily living the tiny house life? Would you do it for a few years to save money? How do you feel about the unconventional kitchen situation?

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  1. Suzi Schumann

    I would live there, but I wouldn’t want to live there WITH someone. I agree about the kitchen, you can get around no stove/oven if you have some kitchen toys like an air fryer, or I had a microwave once that was convection that you could put metal pans in and bake! I love that big rug, too.

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