Weekly Bargain Hunt! Vol. 4

HAPPY MARCH! We’ve had a few nice days, briefly interrupted by some rain yesterday morning, and I’m feeling a major springtime vibe in Chicago. We’re through the worst of it. People are coming out of their houses again. I hear birds!

Spring puts me in the mood to do projects around the house, but being 8 months pregnant requires me to take a chill pill instead. We bit the bullet and hired a painter to tackle the handful of rooms we haven’t gotten to yet, and he’s finishing up today. Pictures are coming, and I’ll also share the nursery in the next couple of weeks. But today I have some deals!


Chair  |  Area Rug  |  Lamp  |  Printable Art  |  Pillow 1  | Pillow 2  |  Jewelry Box

There are two things I’d like to specifically call out this week. First, that area rug has been one of the items I most frequently recommend to clients. It’s neutral but interesting, made of natural fibers, it’s HANDMADE, and comes in 9’x12′. I’m paranoid that West Elm is about to discontinue it, because they slapped it with a pretty steep discount for a rug, but maybe they’ll spare me some agony and keep it for another year. Either way, now’s a good time to snap one up. The other thing I want to mention is the printable cow artwork! If you subscribe to the newsletter, you may have seen my quick nod to printing your own art. We just did that for the bathroom and are going to do it again for the bare wall above my desk. Guys, it’s SO AFFORDABLE. You can use your own printer if it does photo-quality images, or you can order prints from your favorite store.

What are you up to this weekend? Any projects on deck? Printing any artwork?!

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