Weekly Bargain Hunt: Easter Edition!

I’m not going to lie, I’m slightly bummed that our baby is due after Easter. Being the total weirdo I am, I had already started thinking about the cool non-candy stuff I could hypothetically put in her basket before I remembered that she’ll still be cooking. Ha. Oops. And even if she DID make her grand appearance a few weeks early, she wouldn’t know what Easter is anyway, so I’m not sure why my brain took this particular detour.

Anyway! Because I already had a good think about it, I decided to do a themed Bargain Hunt that focuses on Easter baskets. Not just adorable baskets themselves, but some goodies to put inside.


I tried something new this week and made a couple of widgets with clickable images below. Let me know what you think of these. I like that it’s easier to show you stores and prices, but the streamlined picture above is nice, too.

First, basket fillers for all ages:

I especially like the science-themed temporary tattoos and the paper starburst craft kit. When I was a kid my parents always put a new outdoor toy in each of our baskets, and that’s a solid idea, too.

Speaking of the actual baskets, here are some adorable (and affordable!) options:

What goes into Easter baskets at your house? Do you ever do a theme? Who else plans to go for less candy and more activities? Anybody else jump the gun and plan too far ahead for your firstborn?

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