Weekly Bargain Hunt! Vol. 7

There are always so many items marked down when I shop during the week that I usually let these posts shape up subconsciously, and I think my brain wanted me to go in a springtime direction (despite the coldest, lamest weather this week).


I really want to go for long walks now that I’m too pregnant to do my normal workouts, but have I been able to go outside without my winter coat and a runny nose? NO. Maybe next week I can be on the prowl, but for now I’ll think about those llamas and their greenery! So cute. This whole grouping makes me feel cheerful and smiley; it’s just so fresh. And from a money-saving perspective, the thing making me grin like a weirdo is the wood tile dresser because it’s $340 off.

If you click on the individual images in the widget, you’ll go right to the products. (Again, I feel very fancy knowing how to make these. Ha.)

Have a delightful weekend! Are you up to anything fun?

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