DIY Cardboard Car Wash

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WELL. Living through an extended lockdown period is really something, isn’t it? (If you’re reading this later than spring/summer 2020, I’m writing during the middle of COVID-19.) As depressing and stressful as These Times have been, I will say that I’ve been enjoying my extra time at home with Juniper. And it’s taken me into the realm of homemade toys, which is what I’m sharing with you today!

Juniper decided a while ago that she’s very into the car wash, as most little kids are, so I made her one out of an old cardboard box. It was easy and I got all of it done during a single nap. Boom!


— your choice of cardboard box (this one is my husband’s Muscle Milk [gross])
— washi tape
— paper or cardstock
— writing utensil; I used crayons
— clear packing tape
— shredded gift bag filler

This project was so easy that the pictures will do most of the explaining:


The only tip I want to specifically mention: when applying the clear tape to hold the shredded paper, make sure you wrap it around the outside edges of the box. This will help with stability.


If I had to do it over again, I’d have used a slightly taller box so more of her vehicles can roll through it, but oh well. It was still a big hit!

This was the first “big” toy I made and I only used what we had around the house. The total cost was $0.

car wash finished pics.jpg

Have you been trying anything new while staying home? Anybody else making toys? What should I make next?!

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