DIY Book Storage for Kids

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I’m fortunate that Juniper is a little bookworm. She wanders up here alone and “reads” her books, totally unprompted. Granted, she just turned two so “reading” is reciting what she has memorized, but it’s still awesome to see. I hope she’s always this way, which is why I have no problem making some temporary book storage for her to use until we can buy her a bigger shelf. (If you’re reading this after spring/summer 2020, it’s currently the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown! We’re doing what we can over here.)

Her existing bookshelf has been overflowing for a while, but she got like 10 new books for her birthday a couple of weeks ago and the situation just… escalated. It was time.

What I have for you today is a majorly upgraded Amazon box. Obviously I made this for a toddler, but I think it can be shifted to kids (or adults!) of all ages depending on the color and design you choose to make.


— a decently-sized cardboard box
— acrylic paint and a foam brush
— paper or cardstock
— black permanent marker
— glue stick
— scissors

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Before we roll into the instructions, I have to tell you guys that I didn’t take any in-process pictures of this project. Partially because I wasn’t sure how cute it would be (ugh, DIY doubt!), and partially because I was watching Infinity War while I worked and I was distracted.

The good news is that this can easily be explained with words. Truly, even if you’re the ultimate beginner, this is a great project for you.

Step 1: Paint your box.

Step 2: Draw your design elements onto the paper or cardstock with the permanent marker. Make sure the lines are kind of thick.

Step 3: Cut out your elements, leaving most of the black marker as an outline. This will help them pop against your background color. (Optional : I used a tiny bit of leftover green felt for the plant leaves, but you can definitely use paper.)

Step 4: Glue everything to the box.

Step 5: You’re done! Go have a snack!

DIY book storage in room.jpg

I didn’t have plans to make the box look like a bookstore, but it kind of turned out that way, no? Especially if I change the photo to black and white:

diy book storage 3.jpg

This was fun! Juniper likes it, and it serves the purpose of containing her book mountain. I also appreciate the fact that I found a use for one of our many cardboard boxes; now that we’ve been sheltering in place for almost two months, I’ve noticed the alarming number of shipments we get. It’s easy to just toss things into the recycling bin as you’re going about day-to-day life, but when you’re stuck at home with nowhere to go the reality comes out.

Are you making anything out of boxes lately? Or maybe another recycled material? Do you have an alternative way of storing books at your house?

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