About Us


Lintel – noun – a horizontal architectural member supporting the weight above an opening

WHAT WE ARE: Lintel Design Co. is here to be the support you need for your next decorating project. We’re a perfect fit for clients who don’t need—or want!—a designer to hold their hand throughout the entire project. We provide product recommendations, DIY suggestions, and tips for incorporating existing pieces into your new design. We’re here to make the process easy for you, and then we get out of your hair and let you take the reins.

WHAT WE ARE NOT:  Lintel Design Co. is not a full-service interior design firm. We don’t provide renderings, white glove installations, or large scopes of work compatible with renovations or remodels. We serve clients with small-to-medium projects who are comfortable executing the work on their own (or hiring their own contractor).

paige ronchetti – owner + designer

Paige Ronchetti has always had one goal when it came to interior design: create an affordable (and easy!) way for everyone to access a professional. She has been specializing in budget-friendly projects since 2013. Paige has received a number of awards from Houzz and Thumbtack for customer service, and prides herself on creating beautiful designs for happy clients.

Paige lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and daughter. She loves reading, spicy food, and prowling estate sales for mid century modern furniture.