Pillows + Soft Goods


pillows + soft goods

Add personality to your project with custom throw pillows, table linens, bedding, and reupholstery. We have a literal library of exclusive fabrics to choose from with options for every budget. Email me to set up your appointment


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throw pillows

Pop quiz: what’s the fastest and least expensive way to give your room a pick-me-up? If you said throw pillows, give yourself a pat on the back. We have every color and pattern in our fabric library, and any pillow can be made in a custom size or shape. (We also have trimmings. Whee!)


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Cozy comforters? Check. Crisp coverlets? Yep. Custom headboards? Bingo. We can make products to update any and all aspects of your sleeping situation.


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Whether you need something for a special occasion or want to update your everyday placemats, the aforementioned fabric library will make every meal a party.


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If a piece is perfect for your space but looking a little blah, give it a second wind! Reupholstery lets you customize the new look of your furniture so it can work in your space for years to come.